Facility Management

Facility Management Course

There is huge demand for Facility Engineer in Middle East as there are upcoming events like

  • 2022 FIFA world cup in QATAR
  • DUBAI Expo in 2020
  • SAUDI Vision 2030

Facility management refers to a profession that uses the areas of multiple disciplines and confirms the proper functioning of built environments (i.e. malls, schools, shopping Center, hospitals, IT parks etc.) by integrating technology, process, place and people. Facility Management in India is gaining increasing popularity because of factors like a booming real estate market, investments from foreign companies, new workplace technologies, security and health issues, and a spurt in urban development. Facility management courses will help you to improve the performance of your facilities and increase your value as a decision making business partner or professional.

Students from any discipline, architects, designers or engineers can pursue these courses.

Career Scope

After completing the course, a qualified student depending on his technical background at times can become either,

  • Assistant Property Manager
  • Building or Facility Manager
  • Building or Facility Engineer
  • Construction Manager
  • Energy Manager
  • Environmental Services Manager
  • Maintenance Manager
  • Maintenance Engineer
  • Operations Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Safety or Security Manager
  • Space Planner

Key ingredients of Facility management(FM);

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